Down the Rabbit Hole I Go....

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by Avarace Be Still

Just Hack it, Already!   Schedule Daily Resets   I…

Tongue Tied!

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by Avarace Be Still

Hack it, Already!     Save 100s of Dollars a…

Don't know what to write?

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by Avarace Be Still

Just Hack it, Already!     So, you Suck at Writing…

Yuh Tink Mi Easy!

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by Avarace Be Still

Looking for a few good Jamaican Patwah interpreters….   Mi…

To you, I bequeath my dead body!

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by Avarace Be Still

In God we trust, but we do not grieve the…

Taxwise #3

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by Avarace Be Still

  Ask for an Extension On         …

Taxwise #2

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by Avarace Be Still

For Rent! Say you are retired and decided to move…

Etta Thorpe

Etta Thorpe Masked

Extremely private and conservative - Mother is of African descent, father of Mongolian descent - Yeke Bayan Khan is my Mongolian name.

Feel privileged to have been educated in Jamaica and the US.

A working stiff by profession and a minimalist in chosen life's path.

Hate confrontation and conflict! - Missed calling in this life to become a doctor, but if I do come back in the next life, hopefully, I'll come back as a Spook! 

An avid reader, a gadget junkie, love to get completely lost in Gregorian Chants and appreciate an eclectic mix of classical and contemporary music.

Will take the road less travelled.

 Definitely an acquired taste.....

Analyzed to shit the shit out of shit....

Live Cloud 9, Village of Societally Conscientious

Weird or Eccentric? .....your call!

Hate mess! Cheapness hurts! Stupidity hurts more!

Vertically challenged men are not my flavour of kicks

How you not liking me, my problem? It's your problem, suck it up!

Do not take advice from people I do not consider credible in the first place. So spear me the trite and faux pax.

If you have to tell me that you are an intellectual, then you have a problem. What exactly did not clued you in to the utter ignorance of decoding?


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