Olivia's 2016 Graduation

in Articles

by The Paparazzi

Lakeside High School had their 50th Annual Graduation at Saturday…

Adventure JA!

in Authors

by Dee Hunt

A part of our country's problem is that too many…

Obama 2016 Correspondents Dinner

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President Obama drops the mic at the 2016 Whitehouse Correspondents…

LHS Prom 2016

in Articles

by The Paparazzi

Lakeside High School had their graduation prom on Saturday April…

Down the Rabbit Hole I Go....

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by Avarace Be Still

Just Hack it, Already!   Schedule Daily Resets   I…

Tongue Tied!

in Articles

by Avarace Be Still

Hack it, Already!     Save 100s of Dollars a…

Don't know what to write?

in Articles

by Avarace Be Still

Just Hack it, Already!     So, you Suck at Writing…

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